Look who’s back!

Silence does not mean neglect. I’ve been busy. More than 20 new pieces mark my new portfolio: little mixed media pieces of Richmond that capture urban iconography, bits of landscape, a layer or two of historical references. And along the way, I’ve had some small achievements or met some simple goals I set.

  1. Media exploration. I’ve been experimenting not just with the type of pigments on the picture plane, but the varnish as well: Kamar spray vs. cold wax sheen vs. household polyurethane. I’ve marked and splattered paint, wax, and papers across Gessobord, unfinished wood panels, and primed panels. Stained panels, clear acrylic sealant, gesso, or interior latex paint as foundations. Found a favorite: smooth, preprimed Gessobord. Whoever said to take the time to build work completely from scratch (stretching canvas oneself, for example), has more time than I do. Prepped, shrinkwrapped, and shipped ready-to-finish, please.
  2. Artwork submission. I just showed two pieces at Art Works in Richmond, and am working on other opportunities. This takes time and courage. As good things pan out, I’ll post.
  3. Networking with other artists. I’ve met a host of other people who produce paintings, pottery, photographs, etc., and have exchanged ideas with them.
  4. Attending First Fridays and other art events. Getting out and seeing good shows is important to learn who people are, how contemporary art changes and grows, and what is important to artists here. Can’t make all those openings, but getting to a couple per month is sure nice.
  5. Online portfolio. It’s here at last. I have about 16 pieces on the new Portfolio page of this site.
Work in progress, drying between sessions