This is not a portfolio. This is work in progress.

First post on a rebranded site.  Words unfolding, art in itself.

Periodically, I’ll be in a museum, looking at something like one of Mark Rothko’s color fields, which seems simple at first glance. Someone might ask, “Couldn’t you do the same thing?” No, no I couldn’t.

Not the same way, not with the same path, and not the same end result. Creation is a multi-layered process, and within those layers are hundreds of little decisions and hundreds of former paths-gone-down that resulted in the memory of “don’t go there” or “please let’s recreate that moment again.” It’s the essence of being human, too. Are we not where we are as the result of countless personal decisions?

Interpretation of said work is also a complex matter. History is what puts a work in context. What world events were occurring during its creation and prior to the artist’s entry to the studio in that day, much less before that person was born, and what has happened since, determine how we define the work and what we presently find aesthetic.

In the 1940s, Rothko’s color fields were new, revolutionary, modern. This series of work was part of a movement related to Abstract Expressionism and served as a way to move from use of any symbolism or representation. So much led up to that moment that Rothko’s loaded brush pushed against the canvas. I wonder what was going on in his personal life at that time, too. Not that I’m producing anything revolutionary here, but so much has led up to recent hours spent in my studio. You can get a glimpse of why and how in a recent LinkedIn post of mine.

As observers, even the most studied of us cannot really know what all was poured into a work. As creators, we cannot accurately predict what observers will find, not having walked your entire journey ourselves. So what I have chosen, as I find myself evolving, is to explain my process, and to give you snapshots of the critical moments that are going into my work. This is not my portfolio, but my work in progress.

Art has no standard for aesthetic perfection, but there is practice and play, and there is a journey to make. I cannot say for sure where I’m going, only that I know where I’ve been. Follow me. Even better, walk with me.

My little studio space is a work in progress, too. The recent addition of a shelf and paper towel-hanger hack improved function on my flat surface.