New business cards. New possibilities.

My new arty business cards came in. Square. Kicky. Emblazoned with my image and stamped with a newly created email address. They radiate opportunity-to-come. There’s something about brand new business cards, isn’t there, and while these don’t fit neatly in a wallet the way some people prefer, I’m enthralled with the idea of  sharing these funky little squares. Yes, the cards are still cards. Still on thick paper. Still not magically innovative. But they are just different enough. My face studies you from them, in a painted self-portrait with lively brushstrokes in warm colors. This is not a traditional airbrushed, posed, professional photo. This isn’t hipster-chic with an ultra-urban, saturated, filtered background. (I’m not cool enough for that anyway.) They are just me. Confident. Contemplative. A bit coy.

In a recent class, my professor said that not having a unified design between site and card looks unprofessional. I have long known this, but had carelessly dismissed the idea in the last round of brand overhaul of my own work. So, as part of revealing my work in progress, I thought I would share my excitement over this one small thing that was part of all the other things: an updated LinkedIn page (expect some tweaks there still), the redone personal site (my former portfolio is stowed away), the focus on exploration of art and self, and the new email address that reflects how I do what I do and not just my name.

Just wait till the Etsy shop I have is stocked and running again! Soon. I’m on to something new at Bonner Brushwork. Check in next week and see what’s going on.